The last days....

The Last Days Token!

By evangelist: Ove Jan Ludvigsen.


The last days token! Is perhaps the most interested message everseen, it´s contents so much, yes about all what we have need for to know in this last days. We talk about token!


When we talk about «The Last Days Token», we doesn´t talk about religious wheater like the romantic photoillustraion above, but we talk about the real happenings at the «Last days Token!»


We talk about what the Bible share with us in prophecy concern the «The Last Days Token!» Kingdom (Nations) shall rise against Kingdom (nations.) That means war throughout the entire world, as the estimatet time which is decided by the Lord. Matthew 24: 7.


There shall be more destroyed difficulties, our prophetic book , our Bible said more. There shall be famines, also pastilences. That means the entire world are goning toward a very difficult season – periode, were the earth´s inhabitants , especial those which hath been left behind after the bride of Christ hath been taken from the earth. But already we note that facts, that many people of the earth experience, femines and pastilences, all over, in differences places of the world. That means we are facing «The Last Days Token!» Matthew 24: 7.


Our Bible continue prophecys the serious happenings for «The Last days Token!» By saying things like that. Earthquikes, shall also take place in divers (difference) places on the earth. What do we sees to day, what are we facing right in, in our sight to day? Yes, we facing the facts of Gods prophecy is gone be fulfilled in our real presence, not discus at all, but the facts. Matthew 24: 7.


The dark clouds comning up over the entire earth and the world, dark clouds that should tell about the serious time we just experience right at hand, right in our face. That´s also the reason why it´s necesary to seek the Lord for salvation, and the comming rescue – rapture of the saints from the earth, and over to the land of glory, Heaven, forever and ever together with our beloved Lord Jesus Christ!


Further our Bible warning us by saying. Warning us against false prophets, which share with us false prophecys. They many which shall appear in the last days, shall proclaim themselves as Messaiah, false Christ which ministries are, to deceive many, just as many as possible. We did see them we still facing them, and so we will in the futura too. Look at those which prophecy, great spiritual movemnets throughout the entire world, so they did for many, many of years, but nothing hath happen of what they did prophecy, the entire world (people) on the earth, are so fall away from the truth in that way, we haven´t seen any time before. They are false prophets, but be careful, they are dangerous, that you never shall be deceived. Matthew 24: 5.


Bible hath told and continue do so, just warning us against false Christs and prophet. Also warning against those´s persons, and that happenings that shall follow in theirs footsteeps. Let´s note theirs´ happenings and compared with the word of God, and we shal see how false it´s.


They make wonders, miracles, sign of difference kind, breathe upon weak christians and got them falling to the ground, prech false prophecys which says everythibgs shall be allright, but nothing of what they prophecys happen, but only what those false prophet self like to see happen. But in according to what the Bible says, everythings is only and only again and again, lies and deceivingsministries. Not from The Lord, but from the Devil. But for those which are awake in this deceiveful endtime, they know what´s gone on and stay away from it. Our Bible says, also those who are Gods elected ones, could be lead astray, if that hath been possible, but because of, it´s not possible, the real elected ones, Gods people can´t be lead astray. Great things to praise The Lord for! Matthew 24: 24.


For Gods elected ones shall the comming of Christ be as sunrise fromhe high, just because they have keep the word of God as the steady and solid ground, and stay away from all devilish prophecys and prophets, but only keep Gods living words in theirs´ heart. Glad to be amond them! Are you glad to be among them? Every elected ones from before the worlds´ ground hath been grounded, established, Gods elected ones hath been in Gods almighty hands. He keep them all save from before the begining, of what hath been named right before!


That´s real clearing to us, God in His mercy and grace can´t give His beloved ones up, no, He take them all in His bossom and warning them all there, into the great and wonderful day comes. Friends, brothers and sisters, we talk about the wonderful day were the rapture shall take it place! Are you ready for that day? Revelation 1: 16.