Where roses......

Where roses never die


By evangelist: Ove Jan Ludvigsen.


After our earthly life, there´s life after that life, we are step by step, gone toward the eternity, eternity without heaven and Jesus, or eternity in heaven together with Jesus, forever and ever! The quistion is real and concern you right here and now! What is you election, heaven or hell?


For every «newbornagain» christians, there´s is a hope, a great hope theirs hope is in Jesus, which made them whole through His reconcilliation act on Golgotha-Calvary on the the cross. For all those «newbornagain» christians, they all have one thing in common, in theirs walk toward theirs everlasting home.


A home where roses never die, a place our beloved Bibel call, heaven where Jesus and His whole «newbornagain» followers shall gathered together in moment of an twinckling, that means the rapture of the saints. Where shall you stay on that day, left behind for the horrible perdition, or be ready to meet the Lord, and leave the sinful earth, for heaven, wære you can be a «rose that never die?» God have a good plan for you, not plan for destruction, but for salvation and healing for you whole, ine that wonderful name of Jesus. Therefore seek the Lord, be a «rose» among thousands of «roses» which shall go into the The Lord´s heavenliy paradise, which is the home for those «roses» that never can die! That can be you, your family, and all others of your friends, you never know who is in Gods election, from before the foundation of the world – earth was foundet!


God bless you to there – where roses never die!