We doens´t seek the Lord.....


By evangelist: ove Jan Ludvigsen.

What do you think if the Lord doesn’t seek you? Don´t try to make up your mind, by thinking like that. I am those people which seek the Lord. If you so do you are wrong and very, very wrong! Our Bible saith – Let´s read it and learn of it!

Acts 2: 39. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

Our Bible is real and just teach us what´s gone on through a call for salvation or not. The promise is clearing and Gods promise to us is that, also to our children, «that is Israel – Jewish people». But what more promise Gods prophetical words? Yes! It promise Gods call for salvation, also to them that are afar off. But who is those people? That´s you and me, which belongs to the pagan nations, even we, got a call throughout the Jewish people! What did you say? Throughout the Jewish people!?! Yes! Let´s read what Jesus did saith.

John 4: 22. Ye worship ye know not what: we worship: for salvation is from the Jews.

What right has Jesus to say that? «Salvation is from the Jews? Yes! He was born Jewish, coming into the world in the Jewish country, born of a Virgin which come of a Jewish roots. Also Jesus was a Jew. That´s the reason why Jesus saith, salvation is from the Jews.

But now return to the last sentence in: «Acts 2: 39b. Even as many as the Lord our God shall call! » These many as the Lord God shall call, they doesn´t call upon His name, before the Lord call them, even you and me, included, in this call from our Lord.

Before He call upon us to repent from our sin, we doesn´t have any thought at all for calling upon the name of the lord. His call to us for salvation, is from the beginning the reason for our call upon His name! Let´s always be clearing unto us, that we never have thought at God at all, but through His decision for election, before the world was founded, God decided and did already make clearing «reconciliation» which take its place on Calvary-Golgotha. All for you and me was ready before we have a bit of knowledge about it. So we don’t call Him first, that was He and still He, that call us now in the earths and worlds end time.

Our Bible are always real in its teaching, there isn´t nothing to say against it, also it is easy for us to understand too, we human being doesn’t search for things, if we doesn´t heard about somethings to search for. But that´s also the reason why the human being, some of them search for the Lord. It´s just because of the Lords first call to the people. Therefore we are call upon His name, for salvation-searching for our best and everlasting security. May the almighty Lord God, who is Jesus Christ, God Him Self, by Himself give you knowledge, to understand Gods plane for salvation for the inhabitants of the earth. God Bless!

John 3: 16 a. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son.

What did our Bible told us here? Yes! Our Bible told us just that! God’s love for the human being was so great, that He gave us the first call, by make HimSelf bodily to the world, the world means, human beings. The population of the world, that´s you and me. So further we read a good news in our Bible, loveful message from Jesus to the world. Lets see what God further hath for us?

John 3: 16b. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish.

That´s the second call, by believeth in Jesus, He call you from the perdition, into His everlasting heaven. That´s a call, He call you out from you sin to be a believers in Him, which means call you out of this sinful world and home to the gloryful land, our home heaven!

John 3: 16c. But have everlasting life.

He, Jesus HimSelf who is God, call you home to get everlasting life, to be identified with Him, be included in Him, were the Devil can´t hurt you at all, were hell can´t not reach you, not at all because you have take you refuge in, and to Jesus, the savior and almighty Lord!