Life without Jesus ------------

Life without Jesus is impossible – But with Jesus in life that is possible!


By evangelist: Ove Jan Ludvigsen.


 If we think about our life, lifestyle, life-running. Everythings is gone be allright, we are wrong, it isn´t gone be allright at all!


John 1: 4. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.


In the above mentioned verse, our Bible really tells us somethings which is necessary for everyone to know – to have knowledge about, in its whole meanings. There´s no doubt at all what Jesus means to share with us here. The talk is clearing, He, Jesus was that life which came into the world, and that life He came into the world with, were just what everyone was in need of. Namely What He brought us through reconciliation-act on the cross, on Golgotha high, and the Lords´ call to you are. Would you be one of the Lords´ through what He, Jesus did for you on that cross, which hath been mentioned right before?


Gods´ plan with the human beings´ life and future for everlasting, is correctly just that. He want to bring you in, in His Godly life and light, to identified you with HimSelf, and HimSelf with you. If you are gone be in Christ, Christ also in you that´s a true that have strong effect both ways, that is a spiritual relationship and community with the almighty living God! God bless you!


Life without Jesus is impossible – But with Jesus in life, that is possible!


That´s still the true and shall continue to be so, which also show us that, God is still the same there´s no change and difference human being means with Him, or in Him. No, not at all! You shall really find out that, if you did already hath find it out perhaps, just that. It´s impossible to live an good normally spiritual life if the Lord isn´t my shepherd and saviour, if you believth or not that´s still the plane truth, and will continue to be so in you life-running, in this world!

That´s also still the true and so it shall and will continue to be, together with Jesus and live in His life-running, allthings in you life shall be change from worse to the best, from sorrow to joy and happiness. That´s the true by saying that, it´s out from personally experience with God Jesus our almighty Lord. But you can´t live a normally good and peaceful life, if you doesn´t have Jesus´ shining light and life in you inner part, thats means in you heart. Without what the Lord have done for you, and have for you, you can´t live in happiness, peace, and whatever God hath for you! Amen! Amen! And God bless in Jesus´ name! Thanks God for that and be glad too. AMEN!