The Lord gives



By evangelist: Ove Jan Ludvigsen.


Somebody can´t say there isn´t joyful life or future in our living saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, either can´t somebody say there isn´t a joyful future in the Lord Jesus Christ!


In Jesus we all have just what we have need for and whatever, if you want to say, I am not agree with you, friend – friends, just tell what is the matter, so I will tell you what´s in you thoughts and life, if you can´t accept Jesus as you saviour and Lord. Further if you think you have a joyful future without Him!


You haven´t not, the only way to peaceful and joyful future is through Jesus Christ, our Lord and what He did for the whole world on the cross. There He shed out His precious blood (life) once forever, all for you and me, which also in the future gives life everlasting, eternity for everyone that seek, search for Him for salvation and everlasting life. May the Lord almighty bless your heart to see that!


Peaceful duck-family, they really have a harmony family life, the reason for that is that, they have a inner peace, inner love for each other. So it also is gone be for those which have inner peace with Jesus Christ, they have a future of joyful and greatful atmosphere, in that atmosphere they shall praise and love Jesus forever and ever, in the gloryful land heaven, which is the eternity home for all those which love the Lord!


Ending of this message! I am looking foreward to that great City, walk along the heavenly beach with joyful praise and song to the Lord! Our future in Jesus is unlimittted, eternal love and charity which shall be without end, forever and ever. You are welcome in Jesus´ name!


Revelation 22: 17. And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that hearth say, Come. And let him that is thirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.


If you wanted, that´s also for you too, but just call upon the name of the Lord, and you experience shall be. Free from sin, free from all dirty burdens which hang on you life, and live within you. Welcome in the wonderful mighty name of the Lord! Amen! Amen!