I believeth -------------



By evangelist: Ove Jan ludvigsen.


Many people today are by the way to some places, but not no where they are by the way too. But in short words I am explain it for you. You are by the way to an unknowing place, you don´t know it, as long you walk away without Jesus as saviour and Lord in your life.

Our Bible have a mighty and miracleful word for you searching, for a better and more security life. If you will listening, of course, what the Bible says.

John. 11: 40. Jesus saith unto her. Said I not unto thee that, if thou wouldn’t believe, thou shouldn’t see the glory of God.

What did Jesus said unto the woman, He talk about believeth in Him. «Said I not unto thee, that, if you wouldn`t believe.» Just believeth in Jesus is the decision, we all have to do – you have to do, that means again, if you want to receiveth somethings from Him, Jesus the Lord.

But Jesus clearly said, «If thou wouldn`t believe. » That´s so important question, that, you can\t let it pass away wouldn`t

Answer it.

Just because of that fact, without believeth in Jesus, your seeking eyes can´t be open, but by seeking Him Jesus the lord, you eyes of faith shall be open, then you shall never, never more search in darkness, without knowledge what you are seeking for.

For through faith, we believe in Jesus, the promise is gone on for you, and to you. Then you shall experience a great thing. You shall see the glory of God. And the glory of God shall be for you to see Jesus, and the reconciliation-offer He did for you sin, on Calvary. There you shall experience you freedom, happiness for what the Lord did for you!

Friends, unbelievers, where shall you go, but not to the lord, once again. Where shall you go, but not to the lord. Your day for salvation isn´t tomorrow, but you day for salvation is today. Don´t upset it, the next few minutes can be too late, but today is the day!

Today is the day you want to meet – you want to see Jesus Christ as you saviour, forever and ever! GOD BLESS! AMEN! AMEN!