The way -----


By evangelist: Ove Jan ludvigsen.


The way in the wilderness can sometimes gone be very, very, difficulties and impossible to get away from and back to the way of faith in Christ Jesus.


We live i a world which is fully up of everythings, things we never have need for at all, things and temptation that leads us astray and away from our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people has been a offer for that deceiveful temptation and unnecessary events, but by the power of the Lord, it´s still possible to get rid of it, and live our spiritual life together and in Jesus Christ!


Romans 8: 1. There is therefore no condemnation for them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.


Our Bible have trustful and peacefully words to us, if we are in Christ Jesus, there´s no condemnation for us at all, but if not we are staying without hope, life and heavenly enterity. With other words, we are on the deceiving way in the wilderness. But there´s more, for them which belongs to be in Christ Jesus, there´s a walk in the spirit not after the flesh. Walking after the flesh means that, looking for what things the world have to serve us with, and give us. But walking after the Spirit, in the Spirit, means that, always following the Lords´ footsteps, those steeps which always floating over of spiritual way in in the deeper life in Christ Jesus! Are you one of them, or not.


Romans 8: 2. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.


To be made free from sin and dead, means also to be born again, follow Jesus wherever He go in his deeply and foodful footsteps, not live under the law, but in the great grace of the Lord, because the Spirit of Christs ´life hath made you free. Made you free from the low, from the sin, from the dead. Also completely free from all worldly acts that not pleasant God. That is to be spiritual free, walking on that way which lead you to heaven!

Not on that way in wilderness, where you never know where you ar gone, but on the way of life were you are in Christ, that way shall always lead you to heaven. The straight way to heaven following Jesus´ footsteps – where the blessing is! God bless you along the way – is gone be sweeter and sweeter – steep by step – day by day!


John. 14:6. I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


I am the way Jesus said, the most granted and clearing way we can follow, there´s no step to the right, no step to the left, by follow the Lord our steps direction lead us right in the heavenly land of glory – Heaven! By walk on his way in Jesus´ footsteps, there´s no opportunity to be deceived but the real Heaven is in front of us, by the great leadership of the Lord almighty.


Further by walking on that way, Jesus in His footsteps, there´s an other important experience for everyone of us, we also gone be parttakers in the Holy Spirits´ deeper life which is reveal to us through the truth. Without that truth who is given by the Holy Spirit, we doesn´t have a truth at all, what we received of truth for the earthly life, isn´t the same truth as that truth which give us eternal life in Christ. The truth we received for our earthly life, is just for our journey here at house, but no valuable for our journey to Heaven. That truth is it only Jesus, that can give us, not the earthly smartness and buisnesworld, same what way they are gone try or experience that way to Heaven, it doesn´t work at all!


There´s more, more important experience by the way Jesus which lead us to Heaven that more is. Life, life becomes of experience Jesus-way and Jesus-truth. If we get the w right way on our journey and the right truth, we also experience life, not difference kind of life, but life eternity in Jesus Christ which is the way, the truth, and also the life, those three experience belongs to each other, can´t be divided at all, they are in Jesus, they are on the heavenly journey were we walk to, for our eternity and gloryful life in Heaven.


And what more? Yes, no man can come to the Father, but by me! The reason why no man can come to the Father without Jesus is that. Jesus is the reconciliation-offer, God in bodily form between man and God, since God is Spirit, He couldn´t reveal to the man without appear in bodily form, so in that way, He made HimSelf man, the Son of Man as well as He was the Son of God, which also made HimSelf to be the mans´ reconciliation-offer on the cross, on the top of Calvary. Therefore our Bible, Jesus says, no man can cometh to the Father, but by me. The facts in this message is that, if you want to be safe, that most happen through what Jesus did for the whole world on Calvary Cross! Through Jesus you experience shall be. «The way – The truth – The Life – Which means eternity with Jesus in Heaven!»


You are welcome to beginning walk on that way Jesus, in that truth Jesus, in that life Jesus! By doing that you shall get rid of the deceiveful way in the wilderness, and instead walk on the straightway which lead you home to Heaven!