The unreasonable acts


Gen. 4:1 And Eve conceived, and bore Cain, and said, we have created a child in God’s image. And God said the male was different than the woman because, he was fathered, by the serpent.

The man’s member is different than the woman’s because it resembles the head of his father, the serpent.

Let´s mark where the great madness of the homosexual movement is, concern theirs homosexual bible translation, this homo bible/lesbian bible, totally talk against the homo theology, and falling to the ground, on his own, unreasonable madness.

Mark what that bible says: It say, Cain’s sex was difference from the woman’s, also opposite the woman’s sex, because of he (Cain) was in likeness of the serpent (The Devil) his (Cain’s) father. Also the body of the boy was different from the woman’s body, because of the (Cain) had his fathers, the serpents, (the Devils) head image, and he was also the real image of his father, the serpent, (the Devil.)

In this homo/lesbian bible translation, gives the interpreter that facts, he confess that, it’s unnatural for two of the same sex to live together in a natural marriage, even that this homo/lesbianbibletranslation says that, the serpent (the Devil), in masculine form was the father of Cain.

Here is also a strong confession, where the interpreter of the mentioned bible, aren’t clear, haven´t any knowledge by himself, that it is unnatural and live in a sex-neutral marriage, that is also the reason why the homo/lesbian-bible translation, demonical, homo-bibles, homo-message, totally falling to the ground on its own unreasonable, and sicknesses deviation from the beginning of the creation, and the Bibles realties.

Gen. 4:2 And Eve again conceived with the serpent and bore Cain’s brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.

Here comes one more self disclosure, from the homo/lesbian bible interpreter, where he prints that. Eve conceived once again with the serpent (the Devil), was pregnant with him, she also bore Cain’s brother Abel, show us how unnatural this bible translation falls to the ground on its own reasonable and sicknesses theology.

To do a woman pregnant, must there be two of difference sex, the artificial, fertilization, artificial insemination, and all sickness, misuse, of the clean sexual life, to do lesbian woman pregnant, isn´t of the God created natural plan for woman, either of the natural, either from the creation order in the life of woman. But a misuse, and a totally mistake, misadministration, of what the Lord hath created as normally.

Why could it be, since the interpreter of the homo/lesbian bible means that, the serpent (the Devil) in masculine form was necessary to do Eve pregnant, if the false, demonic Aida was Eve’s husband? That shows us only one true thing, the homo/lesbian bible, and some all others scriptures, and physical needs, acts in this way, isn´t possible, can´t be normally at all.

Let it be clear to everyone, normally Bible Christians doesn’t believe that devilish nonsense, that God create Eve and Aida, either Bible Christians believe that, Eve was pregnant with the Devil, it wasn’t possible at all.

Why? Yes! For as we have seen of the homo/lesbianbibletranslation, have its interpreter clearly disclosure his own sicknesses, deviation, so totally, so totally that we nearby, have to give him a honour for his self disclosure, of his own sicknesses and wrong teaching, and interpretation of the Holy Bible.

How can it be possible to deceive, and mistreat himself, so disclosure as that, both, theological and physical like that? The interpreter and author, writer is: Max Mitchell. USA.

1. Corinthians 3: 19. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God: For it is written. He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

That is just what’s happen here, did happen concern the homo/lesbian bibles, interpreter, author and writer: Max Mitchell. His ungodly worldly wisdom is foolishness in the face of God, just because God taketh theirs wisdom in theirs own craftiness, that´s just what God did, and do I continue. In God´s eyes it doesn’t means any things of holiness at all, when the hour of God is at hand, He will swipe all ungodliness away.

So it will be as it is written: The homo/lesbian bible author and writer will be taken in his own foolishness, and in his own ungodly wisdom. The Lord will do it, don’t doubt, but only believe in Jesus Christ the almighty and sovereign God!

Just because his homo/lesbian, bible translation is a disclosure, of his unnatural, atmosphere, where he live in, and believe, and will share others as a normally life to live.

1. Corinthians 3: 20. And again. The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise that they are in vain.

Just as the Bible said, so it is. The Lord knoweth the thoughts, and also gives acknowledge about the thoughts of the homo/lesbian bible authors and writers heart thoughts, and what they really are, they are empty, and that´s not unreasonable and say, in agreement with the word of the Bible. The homo/lesbian bible is placed below zero, in its emptiness, and ungodliness.

In this case we talk about the dirty homo/lesbian theory, theologians’ theology, and unnatural sexuality practice, in physical acts, that following in its steps!

The Holy Bible disclosure all uncleanness, and everyone who love the word of God, will agree with it, and loudly cry out a happy full Hallelujah to the Lord almighty!

Amen! Amen!