Saved or Perish


Saved or Perish that question concern that You? That is question that really concern you!

By Evangelist: Ove Jan Ludvigsen.

This question doesn`t bother me at all you said? But stop just a second that is really you that question concern!

No body can get rid of so important question like that, it concern you life here on earth, it concern you life in the eternity, that`s also the reason why the Lord let you facing just that question!

The Bible saith: Matthew 7: 13-14. Enter through the narrow gate, for vide is the gate and specious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering it.

Jesus encourage to enter through the narrow gate, and warning against the specious and vide gate, who lead the human being to the perdition. And also warning in clear text against the vide gate and say, there`s many who chose the vide and specious gate, who leads them to entering that gate of perdition.

What about the endtimes population in the ungodly world, through theirs life in sinful lusts, feast and whatsoever, they enjoy in their life, without thinking about Jesus, and what He did for them on the cross, but just reject Him, and live their own life, even in Sodom, even in Gomorra, devillish sin. But not send the Lord an thought at all, or have thought for call upon His name, for salvation from sin and the endtime perverse acts, which never pleasant the holy Lord Jesus Christ at all!

The Bible also saith, the reward of sin is dead, which means spiritual dead, which means separate far of from the Lord, forever and ever!

But the Bible also saith, the reward for christian life in followship with the Lord, that is eternal life in Christ Jesus!

What do you chose, separate from the Lord forever and ever, or spiritual life eternal together with Jesus?    

Verse 14. But the gate is narrow – contracted by pressure – and the way is straitned and compressed that leads away to life, and few are they who find it.

Who is the narrow gate? That is the gate who leads born again christian into the prepare room, in heaven where Jesus has given promis about to us, by saying. I am og before you to prepare a room for you in heaven, and after He that he shall come for the rapture of His own beloved bride. The narrow who is lead to the eternal life is - contracted by pressure – and the way is straitned and compressed, but that way also leads Gods beloved ones to heaven. But so serious and warningfull the last words in that verse is, mark the words: «And few are they who find it.» These words really explain to us that, the most of the worlds population, doesn’t chose Jesus, but they chose the sinful worlds sin instead for the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave His life, for Peoples salvation and eternity life in heaven!

The Bible saith: Acts 2:21. And it shall be that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord – that is, invoking, adoring and worshipping the Lord (Christ) – shall be saved.

What about you concern that Bible word? Shall you leave the invitation from Jesus, who want you på call upon His name, invoke, adore, and worship the only God Jesus Christ which can give you salvation and life eternity? Shall you continue say – «That is nonsens – I never believe it at all?» Remember and not forget it, this day is the day for you to call upon the Lords name, and be saved!